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Actor | Doctor Who. Matt Smith is an English actor who shot to fame in the UK aged 26 when he was cast by producer Steven Moffat as the Eleventh Doctor in the BBC's iconic science-fiction adventure series Doctor Who (2005). Matthew Robert Smith was born and raised in Northampton, the son of Lynne (Fidler) and David. Baker, Ward and Leeson were joined by Matthew Waterhouse, the actor who played Adric, in Full Circle. Romana and K-9 departed together in Warriors' Gate . The 1981 serial Logopolis was the first to introduce Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding as Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka respectively, but the last to star Tom Baker as the Doctor 11. Matt Smith. Matt Smith is an English actor who shot to fame in the UK aged 26 when he was cast by producer Steven Moffat as the Eleventh Doctor in the BBC's iconic science-fiction adventure series Doctor Who (2005). Matthew Robert Smith was born and raised in Northampton, the son of Lynne (Fidler) and David. The Doctor travels through time and space with his companions, and many actors got the chance to portray him during the years. Each version of the Doctor is different but almost all of them got their opportunity to shine, thanks to the actors who play them Doctor Who cast list, including photos of the actors when available. This list includes all of the Doctor Who main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below.You can various bits of trivia about these Doctor Who stars, such as where the actor was born and what their year of birth is

RELATED: Doctor Who: 5 Things The Tenth Doctor Did Better Than The Eleventh Doctor (& Vice Versa) We've ranked all of the actors to have played The Doctor over the years, from the ancient original series, all the way up to the new episodes of the revived version, based on an average of their IMDb score Carey Mulligan in Blink With the Star Trek movie beaming up Noel Clarke (a.k.a. Mickey Smith), we look at some of the biggest celebs who've traveled through the Whoniverse. While the list is far from complete — we've left off the obvious recent Doctor Who regulars like Alex Kingston, John Simm, Bernard Cribbins, and Gavin & Stacey's James Corden — it provides an overview of the. YOU'D be hard pressed to find a brit who hasn't seen at least one episode of the classic sci-fi series Doctor Who. 13 different actors have stepped into the shoes of the timelord since the series. Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker (1974-1981). From witnessing the genesis of the Daleks to preventing the death of the universe at Logopolis, the Fourth Doctor was an adventurer on an epic scale A cheap, green, slimy fat suit? Sounds like a great career move

Credit Davison's charisma and skills as an actor for making Doctor Who sans all the things that fans have come to adore work. At the end of the day, though, workable is all Davison's tenure was Tom Baker as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor in BBC TV series Doctor Who, pictured in character, 9th July 1975. Peter Davison (1982-84) Actor Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor Who, played the Time Lord between 1981 and 1984 Age of Actors who Played the Doctor. August 16, 2015 David Marshall. Comparing the 50-somethings shows just how fragile Billy Hartnell was for his age. (To be fair, that probably had more to do with arteriosclerosis, the show's 48-episode/year work schedule, and post-Verity Lambert producers resenting his salary being 4 times more than his. After taking over from Hartnell, Second Doctor actor Patrick Troughton appeared in 35 of season 4's 43 episodes, with his batch scoring an average of 7.6 out of 10 This featured all the actors who had played the Doctor to that time (although Hartnell and Tom Baker were shown in stock footage). 1983 saw the release of the first ever Doctor Who video game, The First Adventure made for BBC Micro. Colin Baker followed Davison as the Sixth Doctor in 1984. The BBC further experimented with the format, moving.

According to the actor, the intention was to mellow the Doctor out as he regained his human qualities. Sadly, audiences did not want to see an unpleasant Doctor and the BBC used the situation to put the show on an 18-month hiatus. It returned as The Trial of a Time Lord and its verdict cut Colin Baker's time in the series short Just a short video in memory of the wonderful actors and actresses who played Doctors, companions and prominent enemies who are no longer with us. May they r..

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  1. Guest actors are actors who do not have reoccurring roles in Doctor Who, and generally have only appeared once
  2. To date, there have been 13 actors who have taken on the main role of The Doctor in Doctor Who. Well, sort of. Just to confuse matters, there are a few others who have done so on top of that core 13, including, but not restricted to, Peter Cushing in a pair of feature films, Richard Hurndall, John Hurt as 'The War Doctor', and a host of.
  3. Tony Curran (Vincent van Gogh) The Scottish actor made a star turn in 2010's Vincent and the Doctor alongside Matt Smith and fellow scot, Karen Gillan (more from her later). In X-Men: First Class , Curran can be seen, briefly, as a guard; as can Henry van Statten from 2005's Dalek , Corey Johnson
  4. Olly Alexander, the pop singer and actor who this year shone brightly in the Russell T Davies drama It's a Sin, is reportedly set to be the next lead in Doctor Who. On Sunday the Sun said.
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  6. Actor - Doctor Who, Arrow, Torchwood. From $200 24hr. Ling Tai. Actress - Doctor Who. From $50 24hr. Ian McElhinney. Actor - Game of Thrones - Derry Girls. From $149
  7. There are 183 actors who have voiced 194 characters in the Doctor Who franchise on BTVA. Voice Actors: 183 Characters: 194 Voice Compares: 3 Titles: 12 Shows, 1 Movies, 4 Games. Trending: 577th This Wee
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A number of actors and crew who have worked on various Star Wars related projects have also worked in some capacity on the science-fiction franchise Doctor Who. Marc Warren, who worked as a stand-in for Obi-Wan in digital storyboards for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, played Elton Pope (2006). Though not directly involved in Star Wars, actor and notable fan Vitas Varnas, who was. All Doctor Who actors before Jodie Whittaker became the Doctor, and first Time lady, in 2017 were men. The iconic Dr Who theme music, composed by Australian Ron Grainer and produced by Delia Derbyshire at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in 1963 is played at the start of each episode 12 actors from 'Doctor Who' who've appeared in the Marvel universe. Posted August 9, 2016 by CultBox Filed under. Lists. Karen Gillan recently finished filming her return as Nebula in the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, out in cinemas next summer, but she's far from being the only Doctor Who star in the Marvel universe Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker (1974-1981). From witnessing the genesis of the Daleks to preventing the death of the universe at Logopolis, the Fourth Doctor was an adventurer on an epic scale

6. William Hartnell. Surly, detached, and professorial, Hartnell's O.G. Doctor first debuted in a 1963 BBC serial designed to help teach young Britons about history. After 50 years and nearly. Actress: Pearl Mackie Companion to: 12 Stylish, hip, likable, earnest, and eager to learn everything she can about the world, Bill Potts was an exciting companion to Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor With regards to classic Who we know the following about salaries. In an interview in the 1990s Jon Pertwee said he earned approximate £250 per episode. Paul McGann was on a contract to be paid £1.25 million had he completed six years. This was rep.. The modern black woman is played by Tracee Ellis Ross on Blackish Her doctor is constantly at comic odds with her ad man hubby. A M*A*S*H* spin off that was successful was Trapper John MD Pernell Roberts was the third actor to play the iconic doctor. Trap was now in San Francisco and Chief of Surgery by FustyPlays Quiz Updated Aug 16, 2017. Quiz Rating Details. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star. Also try: Doctor Who Episodes (2005-Present

Various actors who played the Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who (from left): William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. Doctor Who chronicled the adventures of an eccentric time-traveling scientist from the remote. [A revised and improved version of this essay appears in my book The Eleventh Doctor: a critical ramble through Matt Smith's tenure in Doctor Who.] I mentioned in passing in my review of The Eleventh Hour that there seems to be definite downward trend in the ages of the actors playing the title role in Doctor Who, with the new incumbent Matt Smith illustrating the trend particularly well The odds were stacked firmly against Matt Smith, really.He was taking over from easily the most popular Doctor in nearly thirty years, he was the youngest actor yet to take on the role, he even had a slightly boring-looking name that didn't seem like it would look good in the opening titles.Steven Moffa Julian Bleach is one of the few actors to have featured in Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, all in prosthetics, playing Davros, the Ghostmaker and the Nightmare Man respectively

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  1. Doctor Who Actor Convention Appearances Jaz 2019-03-18T15:16:41-07:00 An alphabetical list of lead actors current scheduled convention appearances. (Only New Who actors for now) This page is updated often to display the most up to date information
  2. A little disappointed you didn't have War Doctor (8.5) John Hurt on the quiz either. Having Cushing from the movies, or the other actors who have played the earlier doctors (Richard Hurndal as 1st Doctor from The Five Doctors, David Bradley and Reece Shearsmith as 1st and 2nd Doctors in An Adventure in Space and time) would be awesome
  3. BBC Susan and the first Doctor in the episode Daleks, from the first season of Doctor Who There have been many actors who have played the lead in Doctor Who since the show launched in 1963
  4. Eleven actors have sadly died within a year of their final Doctor Who appearance, starting with: 11. HENRY GILBERT. 366 days between transmission and death (one leap year) Last appearance: Torbis in The Curse of Peladon Episode One (January 29th 1972) Died: January 29th 1973. Henry Gilbert had the sad misfortune of dying exactly one (leap) year.
  5. Bringing back a previous actor would add a new dimension to regeneration lore, but we all know how inconsistent the science of Doctor Who can be. Bringing Eccleston back would be a great opportunity to reintroduce fans to the man who brought the doctor back from the dead in 2005. Michaela Coe

In Doctor Who, Shelley is played by actor Lewis Rainer, whose screen credits include Grange Hill, Dani's House, Death Come to Pemberley, Endeavour, X Company, Casualty, A Hologram for the King. Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a ground-breaking Immersive Theatrical Adventure, plunges you into the incredible universe of Doctor Who. 1940 - at the height of the Blitz. A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT have fought undetected to protect the people.

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10 actors with roles in both Doctor Who and Star Trek. Noel Clarke may be the latest, but he certainly isn't the first actor to star in both Doctor Who and Star Trek. Alex looks back at 10 actors. Why Do 'Doctor Who' Actors Usually Leave After 3 Seasons? Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2021 by Shania Russell For all its whimsy and joy, Doctor Who is honestly just a story built on sadness Doctor Who: Spyfall ended with the shock reveal that Sacha Dhawan is the latest actor to be playing The Doctor's fearsome enemy The Master, a role played by actors from Roger Delgado to Michell

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Doctor Who star Karen Gillan has pulled out of Wales Comic Con just days after shamed actor John Barrowman was announced in the line-up. The Dancing on Ice judge, 54, was revealed to be attending. DOCTOR Who is set to cast its first ever transgender companion for the Time Lord. Rebecca Root, who starred in BBC sitcom Boy Meets Girl, will play Tania Bell in a new adventure starring Eighth Do Another Doctor Who actor, John Barrowman, has also been accused of repeatedly exposing himself to co-workers on two BBC productions, prompting questions about whether the corporation allowed a lax. Doctor Who's latest video brings several actors who have played the titular character together to send a special message to those working on the frontlines in the midst of the coronavirus. And. Discover more about the Doctors... The First Doctor The First Doctor

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RELATED: Actors Who Nailed Failed Their Roles LISTS Marvel: 5 MCU Actors Who Nailed Their Roles (& 5 Who Fell Short) Endgame is a cinematic feat for a number of reasons, but the performances from these famous actors who have embodied classic characters for over a decade are a valid area of discussion. Some actors used the film as an elegant. Doctor Who (Peter Cushing, 1965-1966): This guy, the star of two 1960s Dalek-centric films, wasn't even a Time Lord but a human inventor actually called Doctor Who! On the other hand, some.

Doctor Who Master Actor Responds To Fan Spinoff Pitch screenrant.com - Paddy Wilson • 2d Doctor Who's Sacha Dhawan, who plays villainous The Master, has responded to a fan's pitch for a Master spinoff show Doctor Who (trad. litt. : « Docteur Qui ») est une série télévisée britannique de science-fiction créée par Sydney Newman et Donald Wilson et diffusée depuis le 23 novembre 1963 sur BBC One.Elle raconte les aventures du Docteur, qui voyage à travers l'espace et le temps à bord d'un vaisseau spatio-temporel ayant l'apparence extérieure d'une cabine d'appel téléphonique de la. Doctor Who: The 11 actors rumoured to take over from Jodie Whittaker, from Kris Marshall to Michaela Coel. Here's a list of the stars who bookies believe could be the next Time Lord Doctor Who has yet to cast a Black male as The Doctor, so Richard Ayoade's casting would be a historic moment if he replaced Jodie Whittaker. Whether or not he'll actually get the role is another.

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In 2010-2013, the role of the time-traveling Time Lord was taken on by Matt Smith, who played the 11th Doctor and became the youngest actor to do so. He imbued his Doctor with a combination of old. Game of Thrones actors Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Paul Kaye (Thoros of Myr) are both set to guest star in the upcoming season 9 of Doctor Who, so we thought it would be fun to look back at. Doctor Who Actors. A range of t-shirts featuring a huge variety of original designs in sizes XS-5XL; availability depending on style. Choose your favorite Doctor Who Actors shirt style: v-neck or crew neckline; short, baseball or long sleeve; slim or relaxed fit; light, mid, or heavy fabric weight Doctor Who Watch The chronicle is a terrific way to tell further adventures without relying on specific actors, and these stories stand on their own. Big Finish fans know the real stars are the writers and there are four very different and entertaining adventures... 'The Tenth Doctor Chronicles' deserves to be a great success Blogtor Wh

-The Name of the Doctor (18 May 2013) Paul McGann played the Doctor in the movie Doctor Who 27 May 1996. He also appeared in: -The Night of the Doctor (mini-episode prequel to The Day of the Doctor) (14 November 2013) (via BBC red button service 16-23 November 2013). Jodie Whittaker started her role of the Doctor 25 December 2017 Doctor Who actors in the West End. Check out the theatre credits of all 13 actors that have played Doctor Who over the years. William Hartnell. The original Doctor, Hartnell played the character when the series first began in 1963. Long before he entered the TARDIS, Hartnell worked as a stagehand for Sir Francis Benson Doctor Who Actors Non-Fiction. This just has a little bit about each actor that has played the Doctor and their onscreen companions. This is completed for now until a new companion or Doctor comes along. #actors #doctorwho #doctorwhofacts #facts #histor Doctor Who is a BBC science fiction television program originally created in 1963. It centers around a character named the Doctor, who travels around the universe in a time machine called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), which is supposed to be able to change appearance, but due to a glitch only does so in early episodes, and eventually appears as a 1950s British Police. Doctor Who är en brittisk science fiction-TV-serie som startade 1963 och produceras av BBC.Programmet skildrar en mystisk utomjordisk tidsresenär som kallas för Doktorn (engelska The Doctor) och hans eller hennes äventyrliga resor i rums- och tidsfarkosten Tardis vars exteriör ser ut som en blå 1960-tals poliskiosk.Tillsammans med sina medresenärer utforskar doktorn tid och rum, löser.

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  1. Peter Davison (1981-1984) 14. Peter Davison played the fifth Doctor Credit: Rex Features. Peter Davison was 29 when he took on the role of the Doctor, making him the youngest actor to play the.
  2. doctor who Doctor Who is a television movie based on the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Developed as a co-production amongst Universal Television, BBC Television, BBC Worldwide, and the Fox Network, the 1996 television film premiered on 12 May 1996 on CITV in Edmonton, Alberta, The long running British science fiction television serie
  3. Whereas actors like Jenna Coleman, Karen Gillan and Billie Piper were roped in for the roles of Clara Oswald, Amy Pond and Rose Tyler respectively. The series has also inspired many similar works of science fiction and some of them have been equally successful. Many critics have hailed Doctor Who and have called it a spectacular work of visual art
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The actor focused on the stage after leaving Doctor Who. Last year, he wrote an article for The Guardian strongly supporting the casting of a woman in the role of The Doctor. Sylvester McCoy (1987-89 Doctor No. 11: Matt Smith, 2010 - 2013. Matt Smith was still relatively new to the acting game when he was chosen as the 11th incarnation of the Doctor in January 2009

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Every new Doctor Who actor deals with a certain amount of skepticism from fans and must win them over. Much can be said for what Peter Capaldi has brought to the role, but he may have never fully. Ages of Doctor Who actors while playing the role. HOW OLD WAS WHO? Each Doctor actor's age while playing the Time Lord WILLIAM HARTNELL January 1908-April 1975 PATRICK TROUGHTON March 1920-March 1987 JON PERTWEE July 1919-May 1996 TOM BAKER January 1934- PETER DAVISON April 1951- COLIN BAKER June 1943- SYLVESTER MCCOY August 1943- PAUL MCGANN November 1959- CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON February 1964. Doctor Who (Peter Cushing, 1965-1966): This guy, the star of two 1960s Dalek-centric films, wasn't even a Time Lord but a human inventor actually called Doctor Who! On the other hand, some. Oh man, I just gotta say that I'm excited for the idea of an older Doctor. I love my Tennants and Smiths, but something about an actor that will actually show some of the Doctor's 1200 years on his face is compelling to me, Hurt was a great example of this 19 Stars You Forgot Were on Doctor Who. Andrew Garfield fought plenty of foes on the big screen in The Amazing Spider-Man films (2012-2014), but none could compare to the evil of the Daleks in.

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  1. Dec 9, 2013 - But mostly actors.... From Doctor Who, Sherlock, and the like. See more ideas about sherlock, doctor who, actors
  2. Being the next Doctor would just be icing on the cake. Con: He would be the oldest actor to ever portray the Doctor. While it would be a pleasant surprise to once again have a more mature Doctor.
  3. Companion Actor/Actress First episode Last episode Appearances with the Eleventh Doctor Amy Pond Karen Gillan The Eleventh Hour Series 7, Episode
  4. This is what all the former Doctor Who actors are doing now. From Peter Capaldi, to David Tennant, to Tom Baker - 12 actors have played Doctor Who so far. (Image: BBC / Getty Images) By

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  1. Whitaker is the 13th actor, and first woman, to play the titular Doctor since the show began in 1963. Doctor Who ran from 1963 to 1989, and was revived to acclaim in 2005. Since then, the Doctor has been played by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and Whittaker, who took over in 2017
  2. Doctor Who Monsters and Aliens Below is a list of the alien races featured in Doctor Who (in order of appearance) Daleks. First Appearance The Daleks (1963) Home Planet: Skaro. Thals. First Appearance The Daleks (1963) Home Planet: Skaro. Voord. First Appearance The Keys of Marinus (1964) Home Planet: Marinus. Sensorites. First Appearance The.
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  4. Doctor Who makes a star of whatever British actor takes on the titular role, but what if it was an American program instead? Tumblr's Smug Mode got the idea to recast all twelve (well, thirteen) Doctors as American actors, and the results are pretty interesting.. Some I can definitely get behind, like Gene Wilder as the Fourth Doctor and Sam Rockwell as the Tenth
  5. 11 Actors Who Should Play Doctor Who's Next Doctor As is tradition, the second a current Doctor Who star even *breathes* that they're leaving, we must speculate with reckless abandon about their.
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Earl Cameron, Trailblazing 'Doctor Who' and 'James Bond' Actor, Dead at 102 By Liz Calvario‍ 1:09 PM PDT, July 4, 2020 Anthony Devlin/WPA Pool/Getty Image As Doctor Who prepares to usher in the Thirteenth Doctor, we look at (and rank) the most dangerous villains in the history of the franchise! The 10 Voice Actors Best At Voicing Villains. The 10 Most Evil TV Villains, Ranked. 10 Times Friends Actually Aged Really Well Meanwhile, Michael Troughton will pay tribute to his father Patrick Troughton by providing a voiceover for the second Doctor, and an array of voice actors will take on the roles of the Ninth.

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Jo Martin, playing the first black incarnation of the Doctor, was shockingly revealed to the 13th Doctor, portrayed by Jodie Whittaker. Whittaker was the first female incarnation of the character This is a crossword about the actors who have played the Doctor in the TV series. Created by dalekemperor Difficulty: Hard (8 solves / 1507 plays) The fastest solve for this crossword was 83.1 seconds by Time: Check puzzle: Make your own crossword! Print this crossword Share this crossword.

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DOCTOR WHO ACTOR 'DOCTOR WHO ACTOR' is a 14 letter phrase starting with D and ending with R Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for DOCTOR WHO ACTOR We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Doctor Who actor will help you to finish your crossword today What if Doctor Who was an American production? Who would play the various Doctors? Back to Role. Suggest Actors to Play Dorothea Chaplet (Dodo) Who do you think should play Dorothea Chaplet? Use the form to the right below to find the perfect actor for this role! Back to Top Find an Actor (The Day of the Doctor is also the name of a global Doctor Who special airing this weekend worldwide.) Eleven actors, all men, have played the Doctor since the program's inception. But it.