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NATO member countries maintain open civil communications systems, some with very high rates of social media and social messaging use. The pluralistic characters of their societies, while an advantage and source of strength, can at the same time provide opportunities for divisive or incendiary narratives to take hold Recurring disinformation narrative about NATO and its military exercises, part of consistent disinformation attacks on the alliance and its members, intensified after the NATO summit. NATO is a defensive alliance.The primary aim of the alliance is to maintain peace and safeguard the independence, security and territorial integrity of its members The COVID-19 pandemic is serving as a breeding ground for disinformation, according to NATO scientists. Ritu Gill from the 'Digital and Social Media Assessme.. Recurring disinformation narrative about NATO and its military exercises. NATO has no purpose in militarizing or weaponizing the region of the Black Sea. The exercise 'Sea Breeze 2021' has no testing or provocative intent towards Russia: it is a multinational military exercise that has been hosted in Ukraine since 1997 NATO alliance countries deploying to the Baltics should prepare to deal with increasing levels of disinformation. An open and robust communication strategy could be crucial in tackling a sophisticated Russian disinformation campaign aimed at disrupting support for these deployments

Employees About NATO StratCom COE About Strategic Communications Structure Steering Committee Vacancies & Internships Frequently Asked Questions Annual Reports News Publications Projects Academic journal Program of Work Online course Introduction to StratCo Citizens must be confident that the information they receive is correct. At NATO, we assume the responsibility of being transparent and honest in our commun..

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April 17, 2020, 3:34 PM. The top leader of NATO criticized China and other government actors for sowing disinformation in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, warning that disinformation. Anti-NATO disinformation effort uses coronavirus to poke political tensions. Share. Written by Jeff Stone Jul 29, 2020 | CYBERSCOOP. A propaganda campaign is using the coronavirus pandemic to inflame anxieties about NATO troops throughout Eastern Europe, security researchers have determined. The group, dubbed Ghostwriter, has been focused on.

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  1. Russia, Information Environment, Disinformation, Georgia, Influence. Georgia's Information Environment through the Lens of Russia's Influence. 21st July 2021. Latvia NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is multi-nationally constituted and NATO-accredited international military organization,.
  2. The NATO alliance is dealing with a new perceived threat: disinformation. Steve Inskeep talks with Janis Sarts of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence about countermeasures
  3. Working together, we are fighting COVID19, protecting our people and tackling disinformation. Share if you're with us #NATO #Disinformation #FactChec
  4. Russian disinformation is a grave transnational threat, facilitating unacceptable aggression by Russia both at home and across the 57-nation OSCE region. Russian disinformation helps support rampant violations of OSCE norms by the Putin regime, ranging from internal human rights abuses to military intervention in neighboring states to interference in elections in several countries. On Thursday.
  5. Disinformation is false or misleading information that is spread deliberately to deceive. This is a subset of misinformation.. The English word disinformation is from the application of the latin prefix dis-to information making the meaning reversal or removal of information. The rarely used word had appeared with this usage in print at least as far back as 1887
  6. But since support for NATO membership has been always extremely high (as high as 92% back in 2008 and down to 71 % in 2017), Russian disinformation has focused on stoking a strong patriotic sentiment among those Macedonians who are unwilling to join the EU and NATO at the price of changing their country's name

Allegations of a cooling relationship between Montenegro and NATO is disinformation and fake news, defence minister Olivera Injac told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview The Ghostwriter activity is the kind of foreign disinformation that Joe Biden will be up against as he prepares to make his first overseas trip as U.S. president in June. Biden will attend a NATO summit in Brussels where is expected to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to the transnational bloc. NATO has long been a fixation for Ghostwriter operatives The Canadian-led NATO battle group in Latvia was the target of a pandemic-related disinformation campaign that alliance commanders say they believe originated in Russia. Reports circulated. Russia is repeatedly described as a threat to NATO in the document, with criticisms of the buildup in Russian weaponry, its hacking and disinformation assaults on Western countries, the 2014. NATO STRATCOMCOE considers 'Disinformation in Asia' may 19, 2020, 9:56 . Defense. Authors: eng.lsm.lv (Latvian Public Broadcasting) The Rīga-based NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (STRATCOMCOE) offers up another online discussion May 20, with Asia the center of attention this time..

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  1. On 22 April, a NATO PA delegation led by Angel Tilvar (Romania), Chairperson of the Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security (CDS), and comprised of 18 parliamentarians from 14 NATO member and associate countries, and the European Parliament, participated in a virtual visit to Estonia.. The visit focused on Estonia's experience in building resilience to disinformation and resisting.
  2. g, but also of running large-scale influence operations with concrete risks and real impacts
  3. Uncovering attempts to discredit NATO forces in the Baltics and beyond through fake stories. State of the art Debunk EU disinformation and misinformation analysis in the Baltic region. Read latest 100+ analysis

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  1. Centre For Disinformation Studies. The Centre for Disinformation Studies (CDS) is a nonpartisan research and public outreach wing of the NATO Association of Canada, created in April 2019. The goal of the CDS is to facilitate engagement between academics, government, and the public on the topic of disinformation or 'fake news'
  2. Learn how NATO is responding to #disinformation about the #COVIDー19 pandemic. ☑️ #FactChec
  3. ing U.S. and NATO forces has continued to grow and spread. In April, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg accused both China and Russia of spreadin
  4. ent dangers.

The spread of disinformation is about sewing confusion and undermining democracy, NATO's Deputy Spokesperson has told BFBS' Sitrep. Piers Cazalet said the coronavirus pandemic has given new opportunities to hostile actors, prompting NATO to start an initiative to fight back NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign. by Thierry Meyssan. Member States of NATO and the GCC are preparing a coup d'état and a sectarian genocide in Syria. If you want to prevent these. Combating disinformation and foreign interference in democracies: Lessons from Europe. This post is part of Cybersecurity and Election Interference , a Brookings series that explores digital. Kristine Berzina is a senior fellow at the Alliance for Securing Democracy in GMF's Brussels office where she works on building transatlantic cooperation to counter authoritarian interference in democracies. In this role she focuses on U.S.-EU relations, NATO, digital technology, disinformation, and energy topics Countering disinformation on German reunification and NATO enlargement #CriticalThinking. 9 Nov 2019. The Brezhnev Doctrine, where Russia decides on its neighbours' security, is dead. NATO membership is a decision of the requesting States and NATO. At the same time, NATO has not called that provision of the Founding Act into question

NATO should step up its cooperation with the European Union when it comes to screening and assessing Chinese investments in allied critical infrastructures, securing 5G telecommunications networks, countering Chinese disinformation campaigns, and spurring joint innovation to maintain NATO's technological edge in the race against China NATO and allied actions and values are increasingly subject to organized disinformation and misinformation efforts by state and non-state actors aimed at undermining the unity of the alliance. USNATO PAA encourages project proposals with the goal of increasing NATO and allied countries' resilience to disinformation and misinformation campaigns It portrays NATO forces as a threat to society, a threat to civilians, he said. NATO itself is more limited in its ability to respond to Russian disinformation aimed at the alliance as a. NATO Leaders to Discuss Russian Disinformation, China: Merkel More Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives for the NATO summit at the Alliance's headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium, June 14, 2021

Russian disinfo patterns: NATO is to blame for Kaliningrad's militarization One of the most frequently used D's of the Russian 4 D's of Disinformation is 'Distract' — if you. Researchers uncovered a disinformation campaign aiming to discredit NATO via fake news content on compromised news websites. Researchers have uncovered a widespread influence campaign that aims to discredit the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 North American and European countries NATO Experts | How does NATO respond to disinformation? NATO zveřejnil(a) epizodu NATO Experts. 27. května · Countering hostile information activities is nothing new for NATO, says Baiba Braže, #.

North Macedonia became NATO's 30 th member in March this year. Hutchison remarked that the country has been a target of disinformation from Russia ever since it applied for membership, adding.

In addition to impacting global trade and travel, there are now loud and growing fears about new disinformation campaigns aimed at undermining U.S. and NATO forces. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, disinformation has only continued to spread, but it could be argued that this form of state propaganda has been weaponized NATO leaders to discuss Russian disinformation, China - Merkel Nato leaders to discuss Russian disinformation, China: Merkel 5 facts you must know about period

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Experts from Europe and the US met in Prague this week to discuss the hybrid war threat and ways of countering disinformation campaigns against Western countries. In an interview for Czech Radio the head of NATO's Military Committee, General Petr Pavel, said the Czech Republic underestimates the dangers of the hybrid war waged by Russia Leaders of NATO countries willl discuss topics including the challenges posed by Russia and China at their Brussels summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday, highlighting the need to respond to Moscow's disinformation campaigns. Arriving at the summit, Merkel said leaders would also discuss ways in which they could work with Georgia and Ukraine, two countries seeking closer ties. After the 2014 annexation of Crimea and the EU- and US-imposed sanctions on Russia, the Kremlin employed a counter-strategy: disinformation and propaganda. The Western Balkans, a key strategic partner to the EU and NATO, became a fertile ground for Russian disinformation campaigns. Capitalizing on Coronavirus. Russia is directing coronavirus-related disinformation at Eastern European audiences in a bid to drive anti-NATO sentiment among virus-spooked populations. The tactics range from the. Researchers uncovered a disinformation campaign aiming to discredit NATO via fake news content on compromised news websites

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That matches what Emerson Brooking, a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab, sees in his studies of disinformation campaigns targeting NATO allies An ongoing disinformation campaign dubbed Ghostwriter, which leverages compromised social media accounts, is targeting several NATO member countries in Europe, attempting to undermine confidence. Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative claiming that NATO is encircling Russia and that US-led military exercises, Cold Response and Defender-Europe 2020, are directed against Russia.Find similar cases here. Cold Response 2020 is a Norwegian-led military exercise in northern Norway and not directed against Russia. Norway is a leading nation in NATO when it comes to cold weather. ARTICLES. Nato leaders to discuss Russian disinformation, China: Merkel; German health minister floats lifting of mask rules; Virus-safe apartments are the new buzzwor Recurring pro-Kremlin disinformation narrative, portraying NATO as having a belligerent agenda against Russia and claiming that the Russian threat is a false idea.Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has introduced sweeping changes to its membership and working practices - changes made clear by its adoption of new Strategic Concepts in 1999 and 2010

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Radio Television Serbia 1999. NATO responds to disinformation.. Radio Television Serbia headquarters in 1999 disinformation, including regarding NATO. The European External Action Service's (EEAS) StratCom Task Force South and NATO Public Diplomacy Division take part in all Global Coalition against Da'esh Communications Working Group meetings and regularly update the Coalition's Communications Cell on relevant strategic communications work Mitigating disinformation in Southeast Asian elections: Report. Despite new legal, technical, social, and educational efforts to mitigate fake news, digital disinformation has become further entrenched in electoral processes in the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. A new report published by the NATO Strategic. Disinformation is a key part of Russia's overall effort to undermine Western governments. As a result, the battle is ever-changing, with Russians constantly trying new angles of attack and.

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NATO posted an episode of NATO Experts. NATO Experts | How does NATO respond to disinformation? Countering hostile information activities is nothing new for NATO, says Baiba Braže, # NATO 's Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Disinformation aimed at undermining the U.S. and NATO forces has surged in Europe as adversaries seize on the coronavirus pandemic in their attempts to create instability, a report says NATO leaders declare China a constant security challenge, citing disinformation, nuclear missiles. By AAMER MADHANI, JONATHAN LEMIRE and LORNE COOK. Associated Press | Jun 14, 2021 at 12:03 PM

NATO's Summit disinfo targets Latvia. 2018-07-13, 00:17. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. By Anna Ūdre, for CEPA. On 15 June, Russia's state news agency RIA Novosti published a fake news story, President of Latvia: the U.S. will not protect Europe from Russia, intended to undermine popular support for NATO before the. NATO research centre sets sights on Canadian website over pro-Russia disinformation Open this photo in gallery: A man carries a child following a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian town of. In a pandemic, disinformation poses a serious threat and can be confusing, dangerous & unhealthy. New Ideas for #NATO2030 will discuss how we can work..

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. China and Russia are seen by the NATO as disseminating disinformation about how NATO has responded to the pandemic of COVID-19, the organisation's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated, as quoted by Radio Free Europe. In an online press conference with Radio Free Europe and other media on Monday, April 27, Stoltenberg also noted that both. NATO in the Disinformation Era. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, disinformation aimed at undermining U.S. and NATO forces has continued to grow and spread. How should NATO respond to disinformation campaigns that undermine Euro-Atlantic security? On Wednesday, May 20, Netherlands Atlantic Youth organized an interactive session with NATO Deputy.

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Disinformation is an endemic and ubiquitous part of politics throughout the Western Balkans, without exception. the country's NATO membership and the 2016 coup attempt. Most disinformation, however, remains domestic, and has been an important tool in internal political competition used NATO Coronavirus: Army Experts To Help NATO Combat Disinformation. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has reaffirmed support for NATO's efforts in the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic NATO har udgivet rapport om russisk disinformation i bl.a. Danmark Politics Projektet startede oprindeligt i 2016 som en løbende indsats for at overvåge og analysere Ruslands (dis-) information i den nordisk-baltiske region, som inkluderer Danmark, Estland, Finland, Island, Letland, Litauen, Norge og Sverige (NB8) If the United States is pushed out of the Middle East, it is not going to surviveZbigniew Brzezinski, CNN interview with daughter Mica. It has been quite a show watching panic set in at the Pentagon, White House and NATO, as the modest Russian air campaign began tearing up the terrorist infrastructure in northern Syria

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Disinformation Janis Sarts, Director, NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence Sebastian Bay, Chief Analyst Guna Šnore, Senior Expert Jazlyn Melnychuk, Intern What is the StratCom COE? The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is a multi-nationally constituted and NATO-accredited international military organisation NATO's Cen­tre of Excel­lence for Coun­ter­ing Hybrid Threats has pub­lished a study assess­ing Lithuania's mea­sures to counter Russ­ian dis­in­for­ma­tion, argu­ing that by build­ing resilience and impos­ing costs, the efforts by Lithuan­ian author­i­ties and NGOs yield­ed con­sid­er­able results

The action plan's most concrete new step is the creation of a rapid alert system, which provides alerts on new disinformation campaigns as they emerge in real time. 7 This mechanism is set to involve NATO and could become a promising tool for intelligence and data sharing across borders. This action plan also strength- ens previously under-resourced tools such as the East Strategic. Poor little NATO vs big bad Russia: a disinformation primer RT Editorial RT editorial commentary and responses. RT editorial commentary and responses. 8 Jul, 2016 17:15 . Get short URL. Polish army soldiers take part in the Saber Strike NATO. German FM Warns NATO of 'Disinformation' During Coronavirus Crisis. FILE - German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas briefs the media during a news conference on current developments in the worldwide. Abstract. Barbora Maronkova evaluates NATO's strategy and implementation plans for countering hybrid warfare. This strategy comprises four main pillars: defence and deterrence with high readiness forces in place, cyber defence, enhancing resilience through national civil preparedness and the protection of critical infrastructure, as well as strategic communications to fight disinformation. NATO leaders to discuss Russian disinformation, China: Angela Merkel. Arriving at the summit, Merkel said leaders would also discuss ways in which they could work with Georgia and Ukraine, two countries seeking closer ties with NATO as a bulwark against the threat from their giant neighbour Russia.

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Russia is also suspected of orchestrating a broader disinformation campaign to smear NATO's reputation in Lithuania. Farther north, Finland has dealt with Russian misinformation throughout the century since it declared independence from its larger neighbor, with which it shares a long border and a contentious history The coronavirus pandemic is driving home the need for members of the NATO security alliance to work together to counter disinformation and shore up supply chains among the alliance

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NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is an organization independent from NATO. Riga, January 2018 Route 9 offers insights into the Russian perspective on disinformation. In. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Monday has accused China and Russia of spreading disinformation regarding the alliance's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Some of the common themes were that the virus is a biological weapon created in the United States, and that China, Iran, and Russia are do As North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) continues its #NATO2030 reflection on how to prepare for current and future security challenges, the Public Diplomacy Division is offering funding to tackle a key area: making NATO countries more resilient to disinformation and hostile information activities.. The Call for Proposals is oriented towards an overarching strategic goal: to strengthen.

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The Great Russian Disinformation Campaign. In a new book, Timothy Snyder explains how Russia revolutionized information warfare—and presages its consequences for democracies in Europe and the. European Commission accuses China of peddling disinformation. The move marks the first time the Commission has officially named China as a source of disinformation in a high-level report. The European Union has long criticized Russia for spreading online misinformation. Now, it's named China as well. In new plans announced Wednesday aimed at. At the 2016 Warsaw Summit, NATO leaders recognized that hybrid threats could trigger allied collective defense obligations and endorsed a strat-egy to counter them, including efforts to enhance resilience. While civil preparedness is a national responsibility, allied governments agree that NATO should help member countries assess requirement

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On April 21, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry received a fake electronic message supposedly from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Someone apparently tried to mislead the military officials by falsely informing them of a decision to withdraw NATO forces from the country Nato, founded in 1949 at the start of the cold war, was created to respond to the Soviet Union and more recently Russia, while Beijing rarely posed a serious security concern for its members

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(The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for R.) By Peter Apps LONDON, Aug 12 (R) - On Wednesday, Aug. 4, as news broke that a prominent dissident from Belarus. Leaders of NATO countries willl discuss topics including the challenges posed by Russia and China at their Brussels summit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday, highlighting the need to respond to Moscow's disinformation campaigns. First of all the challenge we are facing: Russia but also the Indo-Pacific region with China in increasing measure, she said

NATO members vowed to address a range of traditional and hybrid security challenges, including several posed by China, in a joint statement released Monday at the close of the summit Blinken pledges to 'revitalise' Nato in break with Trump-era tensions. Antony Blinken, US secretary of state, vowed to revive Washington's frayed ties with Nato allies as he sought to use. NATO and EUCOM are trying to anticipate Russian disinformation attacks. The general said the commands were particularly successful during the Enhanced Forward Presence effort following the Warsaw. Counter Hostile Information and Disinformation Officer NATO Dec 2020 - Present 9 months. Cyber Defence Staff Officer NATO 2020 - Present 1 year. NATO 3 years Strategic Communications Officer NATO 2017 - 2019 2 years. Digital Communications Intern NATO. President Joe Biden says he hears no criticism from America's allies about the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the collapse of the government. But the criticism in Europe, at least Once again, the United States has dragged its NATO allies into an embarrassing mess they had warned against, bringing calls for more autonomy. But the price of independence is steep. Taliban members outside the closed American embassy on Sunday in Kabul, Afghanistan